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Stationary Piccadilly Line train enters third decade of ‘regulating the service’

An announcer has told passengers on the 0710 Piccadilly Line service of 18 March 2003 from Cockfosters their unscheduled wait at Wood Green will continue “to even out the gaps in the service”.

Kenneth P. Miles-Green, a chartered accountant posting on X, formerly Twitter, said: “My expectations of more than one Piccadilly Line train per generation were clearly unfounded. Who says accountants can’t be optimistic?”

A London Underground spokesperson responded: “The belief that the Piccadilly Line resumed service after its tunnels provided wartime air-raid shelters is a popular misconception; it’s really just been a ghost service to avoid the cost and administrative hassle of closing the line. And this alleged ‘announcer’ is clearly a malicious prankster — though I admit we probably shouldn’t have let him have a TfL uniform.”

Story: sketchedbyboz

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