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Subpostmasters advised to “pay extra to guarantee receiving compensation”

Subpostmasters who were wrongly accused of embezzlement because of a flaw in the Horizon computer system, have been told they can guarantee getting their compensation sooner by making an extra payment.

“it’s not compulsory, of course,” said a spokesman for the Post Office. “You can just sit tight, secure in the knowledge that you’ll probably receive it. Eventually.

“But given the amount of money involved, we do recommend paying extra for a secure method. That way it’ll also be insured.”

One subpostmaster complained that despite paying a fortune to get his compensation the next day, all he got was a card through his letterbox.

”I was sitting there in silence, alert for the slightest noise of footsteps on the garden path. Yet somehow, when I got up to put the kettle on, there was a card on the mat saying ‘Sorry we missed you’. These people are bloody ninjas.

“And the card tells me to go to an office that’s ten miles away, not on any bus routes, and not open on any of the days I’m not working.”

image from pixabay

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