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Terry Pratchett 'never liked fantasy' says journalist who never read his books

Despite his words, actions, testimony of friends and family, many now believe that the author of 41 Discworld novels, had nothing to do with the SciFi/Fantasy genre. Said one journalist: 'I've researched him thoroughly and can confirm he never wrote The Lord of the Rings.

'I'll go further. I don't believe there is any evidence that he knew how to write or that his name was Pratchett. And if I'm wrong why doesn't he say so. And don't use the excuse that he's been dead since 2015. That means nothing'.

An alarming number of journalists and commentators have been co-opting dead people to support their spurious arguments. Said one: 'Oscar Wilde was anti-LGBTQ+. How do I know? Ouija board'.

Meanwhile Pratchett most famous work 'The Colour of Magic' was dismissed as containing no reference to fantasy whatsoever. Remarked one smug journalist: 'It's not as if it has magic in the title.'

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