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This Summer’s top holiday destination…Kurdistan!

Travel experts are advising all refugees to book their dream holiday today! With a world of war-torn locales to choose from; this year’s Red Crescent destination is impoverished Kurdistan. After all, what says ‘home away from home’ more than malnutrition and medieval human rights?

Iraqi Kurdistan is now top of the vacation lists for Amnesty, ‘Jihadist monthly’ and flies. ‘’ recommends that you ‘cross the Tigris at midnight, leaving belongings, loved ones and your cares behind you. Settle in one of the many quaint villages abandoned due to poverty, genocide or chemical bombing. Each has its own picturesque campsite, where you will get to share a tent with 8 other Syrian families. Remember, a lifetime in Kurdistan could be as long four months! P.S. Don’t drink the water.’


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