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Toilet voted 'Best place to hide from your children 2021'

For the second year in a row, 'The Toilet' has topped the list as the most popular location to conceal yourself from your children.

For many, it is 'the only room in the sodding house with a lock on the door', which makes it a 'no-brainer' when picking the perfect spot to secrete oneself from the most irritating individuals in one's life.

Nick, a father of two, is a regular toilet-hider: 'I spend at least five or six hours in there on the weekend. It's so much better than interacting with my family or doing housework. My wife thinks I have a particularly aggressive form of chronic diarrhoea, which coincidentally began shortly after the birth of our first child. I play loud, unpleasant toilet noises from my phone to ensure my cover isn't blown - the added bonus is that it also drowns out the sound of the kids banging on the door. I have crisps and beer hidden under the toilet rolls and watch BT sport with headphones on. I absolutely love it.

Runners up include 'the shed' (kids never look there), 'the utility room' (you can usually hide under a pile of dirty washing) and 'down the pub' (brilliant but gets expensive).

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