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UK seeking international recognition for how many fingers it can stick up its own bottom

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Costa Rica has spent the last 20 years restoring forests, doubling the amount of carbon-capturing woodland across the nation. During that time, the UK has snotted down its chin a bit and left some smudge marks on the walls.

Costa Rica carefully considered the unsustainable pathways of short-term financial gain from industrial-scale destruction of ecosystems and successfully inverted conventional economic ideologies. Meanwhile, the UK ate lots of sweeties, was sick on the cat, and wanted more shiny things.

Individuals and groups in Costa Rica have been economically rewarded for enacting a national policy of valuing, protecting and encouraging the growth of natural habitats. The UK wants everybody to see how many fingers it can stick up its bottom.

Costa Rica has provided a model for countries around the world to learn from and follow in order that humans don't destroy the only place in the cosmos they can thrive, thereby destroying themselves. The UK is pulling the wings off bees and still wets the bed.

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