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UK to drop 'UK' from name

The government is in early discussions with brand consultants over concern that having ‘UK’ in the UK's name could be a contributory factor to the slow economic recovery. A sum of £9.5millon has been set aside to come up with a new brand, but experts say it is unlikely to contain the letters UK, or Britain, or GB.

‘Made in the UK no longer seems to resonate with our overseas customers, but that's perhaps because we no longer make anything,’ said an eminent brand consultant. 'We could just lie and say 'Made in China'. That seems to work for the Chinese.'

‘Alternatively we could simply shorten UK to K,' he continued. 'After all, the nation is not particularly united, but it is a kingdom. Then again as we presently have a queen not a king, we could just call it Q. But that name's been taken by a music magazine, so it could get confusing.’

For an interim period the nation will be known as ‘the nation formerly known as the UK’.

Written by Boutros

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