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Urgent recall announced due to electrical fault in 8.2 million deadly Cheerios

Owners of Cheerios have been urged to contact their Weetabix dealers as soon as possible, due to a serious fault discovered across the entire range of models manufactured by Nestle. A faulty electrical component key to Cheerio functionality has been discovered which can cause individual rings to explode. Owners are strongly advised to check all of the locations where they may have a Weetabix parked, and return even very old models from many years ago.

Supermarket own brand knock-offs are not affected, although customers might have trouble spotting the differences. Those who need to use their Cheerios urgently, even in emergency situations, are advised to switch to full-sized Shredded Wheat where possible, though on no account should they try to eat three. Those concerned that they are hearing snaps, crackles and pops should not be alarmed, as that is normal for other Weetabix alternatives.

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