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‘Worst day of my life’ says man having to wait his turn at McDonalds drive thru

A Dewsbury man has told of his pain and suffering after being forced to join the queue at his local McDonalds drive-thru.

Jason Beesley took to social media to complain about the ordeal saying that it was 10 minutes of his life he would never see again.

The father of four says his kids had endured an agonisingly long wait before their meal arrived and had missed part of their favourite TV show as a result.

Jason said he could not think of anything worse than having to sit helplessly in his car as he watched other people in the queue get served before him.

‘It was carnage in that drive-thru, I witnessed things I thought had been consigned to the history books. By the time it arrived we had gone off the idea of a burger and so threw it in the bin….we went and got pizza instead.

I made comments about it on Facebook. People need to know about these things and should not suffer in silence.'

'It was an ordeal I hope my kids will never have to suffer again. I’ve a good mind to ask McDonalds for compensation', continued Beesley. 'They don’t suffer inconvenience like that in other countries… why here?'

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