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You can't ban Katie Hopkins you have to sprinkle salt on her.

In attempting to permanently remove Katie Hopkins from their platform, Twitter have made the classic error of not putting a stake through her heart, or at the very least, using some extra-strong antibiotics. An exorcism, exposure to direct sunlight or an invitation to Ramadan - all these techniques are proven methods for dispelling Hopkins.

If you fail to banish her properly, she will just pop up again in the form of herpes or as a Daily Mail columnist. Do not think for a second that she has gone, just because you have cast her into Mount Doom.

Not so much dog-whistle racism, as fog-horn fascism, she became known as ‘The Apprentice’s’ most accomplished bigot; despite tough competition from Alan Sugar and Donald Trump. One scientist explained: ‘The only thing known to kill Covid-19, is ten minutes with Katie Hopkins’.

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