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English Rugby team planning own version of Haka

hasn't put it away since he got there New version will celebrate drinking lager and mooning

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Middle-aged man still thinks about argument he lost eight years ago

if only the argument had lasted 8 years, with a year between ripostesJulian Wordsworth, a middle aged man currently residing in Surrey, has recently admitted to friends that he has become ‘consumed’ by the process of going over arguments he had a long time ago in his head, often obsessively imagining clever and pithy retorts he should have said at the time.

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Rugby to end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and admit heterosexuals

rugger buggersThe International Rugby Board has finally agreed to lift the policy which has sought to bar openly-heterosexual players from the game.

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Further humiliation as Cameron ‘debagged’ during meeting of National Security Council

Mr Cameron had ‘trousers forcibly pulled down without his consent’.

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Police commissioner apologises to court and pays locksmith’s costs after he locked up offender and threw away key

hanging's too good for him‘I realise now that I was acting like an idiotic one man kangaroo court, and would like to apologise to the bench,’ said Commissioner John Jenkins, after he admitted to locking up Vince Hilaire, for a minor offence, and throwing away the key.

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