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Men relish denouncing 1970s sexism while still repeatedly saying ‘tits’

Deep, meaningful, respectful, thoughtful, pert observation somewhere round here Phworr, let’s get our Raleigh Choppers out

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New York cop looks forward to retirement after uneventful last week at work

not a single drug-crazed, gun-toting mugger encountered on his entire walk home Buried ‘up to his ass’ in paperwork all week

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Middle aged gangsta rappers switching to gin and tonic

Gin and tonic before lunch is well phat

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US announces staged withdrawal from ‘spillage in aisle 14’

still considering pre-emptive strike on Lidl Starting with 12,000 troops leaving the Jams, Spreads, Preserves and Marmalades aisle

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False widow spider ‘ate my dog’

choose your pets wisely, and train them in martial arts Two unsuspecting American tourists were lynched

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