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Trading Standards Forces ‘Punless’ Hair Salon to Close

A West-Midlands ladies’ hair salon was forced to close yesterday after its owner refused to comply with a Trading Standards order over its ‘Punless’ name.

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Angry torch bearing mob strings up man suspected of starting ‘blame culture’

his parents are nextMounting public anger over Britain’s burgeoning blame culture erupted into violence in Portsmouth yesterday, as a torch bearing mob identified a man who might be responsible. Kevin Simkins, who has a slight stammer and sometimes avoids eye contact with people he doesn’t know, was immediately identified by mob leader Kevin Morris as the ‘evil scumbag what started blame culture’.

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Henry VIII may have lied on his profile

may have 'a bit of a past'Sixteenth-century ladies are being warned against answering online personal dating ads from kings of England after a woman married a man she met online, only to find that he had been married five times before.

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‘I was humiliated in the workplace’ claims clown

Barnum and Bailey Circus is facing a massive compensation payout after one its employees claimed he was subjected to premeditated ridicule at his place of work over a period of twenty five years.

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Primary school regrets joining ‘Adopt-a-Whale’ scheme

Well intentioned youngsters found their philanthropic instincts curbed forever yesterday as a fully grown blue whale was delivered to the playground of Sacred Heart Primary School in Duffield, Derbyshire, squashing the empty nursery annexe and frightening youngsters with its struggle to adapt to the confined space of the nature corner.

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