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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
A Brief Timeline of the UK’s Membership of Europe

1942: The United Kingdom enters Europe under the leadership of Air Chief Marshal “Bomber” Harris. 1973: After successive defeats by General de Gaulle of France, British Prime Minister Edward...

Newsdesk 24.03.19 9:37pm
NASA confirms, Brexit is now visible from space. 2
Ian Searle 24.03.19 9:04pm
Amazon ban sales of knives to government ministers

More to follow...

apepper 24.03.19 8:57pm
German transport ministry defends Scheißeporn road safety campaign. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.03.19 8:35pm
Trump not bright enough to have colluded with Russia, says Mueller. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.03.19 8:34pm
Entire World Committed To Joining EU As 'Remain' Petition Reaches 7.7 Billion 16
Titus 24.03.19 7:47pm
Celebrity exorcist struggles to find ghostwriter

More to follow & hat tip to dominic_mcg...

apepper 24.03.19 6:45pm
. 1
Colton 24.03.19 6:03pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Brits shocked to find Free Trade does not include pirating other Nations' ships 0
umfuli 24.03.19 4:52pm
As Westminster vacuum continues May eyes up Iron Throne

Emboldened by the fact that Tory MPs have for some inexplicable reason not yet knifed her in the front, Theresa May is insisting that she will get her Brexit deal through The Commons this week. ...

Chipchase 24.03.19 3:46pm
Leave campaign promise more jobs

With some people marching and others signing petitions, worried leaders of the Leave campaign have decided to make public their dream for a UK, without interference from the EU., With Rees-Mogg and...

tonymc81 24.03.19 2:55pm
Cook for your Country

In response to calls from housewives worried about feeding their families after Brexit, Lady Windermere, a Tory peer has written an article in the Sunday Telegraph extolling the virtues of...

tonymc81 24.03.19 2:54pm
Chaos in Westminster as rest of country fails to care

The UK was in total meltdown today as Brexit went from the ludicrous to the farcical, then to the ridicoulous, had a brief detour to bonkers, followed by a coffee and doughnut in surreal, before a...

MzWibble 24.03.19 2:33pm
Islamic State citizens demand a People's Caliphate. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 24.03.19 2:14pm
Theresa May pencilled in for Strictly Come Dancing

The BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing producers were so impressed with Theresa May’s dancing efforts in South Africa and at the Conservative party conference in Birmingham that they have offered her a...

farmer giles 24.03.19 2:10pm
farmer giles
Pope accepts God's resignation 6
Guido Drapatolli 24.03.19 2:10pm
Helicopter excursion is a chargeable extra say stranded cruise ship owners 2
tonymc81 24.03.19 2:01pm
Parliament told that Mrs May has a fully fueled Pickfords Removal Van on standby 0
tonymc81 24.03.19 1:10pm
Fairground Ghost Train ruined after Exorcists' Annual Day Out. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.03.19 12:12pm
WW2's Great Escape renamed "2nd Greatest Escape" by Brexiteers. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 24.03.19 12:11pm
Pandering to entitled, middle-class Londoners will bring the country together

A report issued today laments the fact that Brexit has caused deep divisions in this country, but says it has the solution - pandering to the side that lost the vote, but feels that little detail...

YaBasta 24.03.19 11:11am
Success, as 3 million of the original 16 million Remainers, still support Remain

The 'Cancel Brexit' petition has passed 3m signatures in less than 48 hours, which is amazing.  Particularly as ‘Vote Remain’ passed 16 million in 24 hours.  At this rate ‘Cancel Brexit’...

Wrenfoe 24.03.19 11:09am
10,000 Remainers attend dummy-spitting competition in central London 0
MzWibble 24.03.19 10:55am
"I voted Brexit to save our democracy", says man sabotaging government petition

A man whose vote for Brexit was based on a belief that it would safeguard the UK's Constitution and give a voice to the people has spent the last 2 days trying to undermine the long established...

Benvoleo 24.03.19 9:24am
St Paedo Beatified As Patron Saint Of Kiddie-Fiddlers 8
Titus 24.03.19 8:36am
Row Over Whether Extension Sought From EU Should Have 3-Pin Or Just 2-Pin Plug 3
Titus 24.03.19 7:52am
Eurolottery-Winning Brexiteer Refuses To Collect £17M Prize Money 'On Principle' 0
Titus 24.03.19 7:49am
Lottery Winner Buys Herefordshire, Then Like Everyone Else, Forgets Where It Is 0
Titus 24.03.19 7:46am
Heroin now legal if sold with slogan "If the fun stops, stop".

It was announced today that selling class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine will now be legal as long as accompanied with the words "If the fun stops, stop". It's hoped the slogan, which has done...

YaBasta 24.03.19 7:32am
Al OPecia
Vote Will Be Neither Indicative Nor Subjunctive, But Prevaricative 3
Titus 24.03.19 6:21am