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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Jamie's Restaurants Re-Open To Sell Milkshakes In 'Remain' Constituencies 0
Titus 22.05.19 6:28pm
List of other foodstuffs vying to be thrown over Farage

With milkshake banned in the run up to the hustings, other easily purchased food stuffs have offered their services 1. Heinz Vegetable soup. Looks like sick. Carrot lumps can get trapped in...

nickb 22.05.19 6:10pm
Dick Everyman
The Queen hits out at self service tills

Her majesty the Queen was said to very upset and visibly shaken today whilst visiting a replica shop to mark the 150th anniversary of Sainsbury’s stores., She was led through the various exhibits...

tonymc81 22.05.19 6:05pm
Debate rages over best milkshake to throw at Trump 0
Guido Drapatolli 22.05.19 5:43pm
Guido Drapatolli
World in a state of panic as despots stockpile Milkshakes. 0
ron cawleyoni 22.05.19 5:32pm
ron cawleyoni
Scunthorpe changes it's name to Strumphorpe

More to follow...

apepper 22.05.19 5:26pm
Jamie's Italian reported to ASA as, actually, he's English 0
Smart Alex 22.05.19 5:11pm
Smart Alex
Paul Crowther confesses Milkshake incident is 'high point of my life'

In a series of Facebook posts, Paul Crowther - who valiantly threw a milkshake at a political candidate who was using 3-syllable words he couldn't understand - admitted that life as a classic Geordie...

MrSarky 22.05.19 5:07pm
Farage one burger and fries short of a Happy Meal 0
Crayon 22.05.19 3:36pm
National Milkshake Association sends ‘thoughts and prayers’ to Farage

The National Milkshake Association (NMA) has tonight sent it’s ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage after today’s banana and salted caramel incident. However a...

John Roughty 22.05.19 3:31pm
Most Voters Only Doing It In Case They See A Dog At The Polling Station

Most of the people turning out to vote in this Thursday’s European elections are motivated to do so by the fact that last time they voted there was a cute dog tied to a post outside the polling...

SarahTipper 22.05.19 3:29pm
British Steel rebrands to 'Bank of Steel' to secure government bailout money 0
MrSarky 22.05.19 3:10pm
May distances herself from populist politics

Aiming for maximum unpopularity...

riesler 22.05.19 3:07pm
Tories Gloat Over Labour MPs 'At Least OUR crap Leader Is Quitting' 1
Titus 22.05.19 1:29pm
Celebrity chef opens new restaurant chain - Jamie’s Turkey Twizzlers 0
Smart Alex 22.05.19 12:24pm
Smart Alex
Laid-Back Jacob Rees-Mogg Admits He Takes His Jacket Off When Having Sex 3
Titus 22.05.19 11:49am
Dick Everyman
All Parties Except Brexit Party 'Terrified Of Possible General Election' 4
Titus 22.05.19 11:29am
British Steel beyond smelting point. 2
Dick Everyman 22.05.19 11:18am
Dick Everyman
Teresa May unites the country.

Everyone agrees that her deal is crap...

riesler 22.05.19 10:21am
I meant ‘Buck’s Fizziness, not Fuck Business’ claims Johnson

Boris Johnson has revealed that as a child he started a Buck’s Fizz appreciation group, and when he said ‘Fuck Business’ at a diplomatic function last year he was trying to refer to ‘Buck’s...

nickb 22.05.19 9:55am
ITV shake up sees GMB name change and move to Kyle's old slot

ITV has announced Good Morning Britain is to be renamed Tiswas and is taking over Jeremy Kyle’s recently vacated time slot, whilst also dropping any last pretence of being a real news show. A...

Chipchase 22.05.19 9:46am
Theresa May to join the Independent Party. 0
Newsdesk 22.05.19 9:35am
Missed it? Here’s the PMs 10 point Brexit statement in full

1. You, 2. f@*kers, 3. Better, 4. Pass, 5. This, 6. Goddam, 7. Crappy, 8. Bill, 9. This, 10. Time...

chrisf 22.05.19 8:21am
Sir Lupus
Man With Bad Tooth Wants Anaesthetic, But Even More, Just Wants Extraction 0
Titus 22.05.19 7:26am
Greybull Demand Their £1 Back - 'We Were Ripped Off' 0
Titus 22.05.19 7:07am
Jamie Oliver creates new Italian dish: Parmigiano in Amministrazione 3
Dick Everyman 22.05.19 6:49am
Dyslexic apiarists wash their bums for World Bee Day 3
Crayon 22.05.19 6:44am
Brexit campaign trail members object to latest c**t recognition technology 0
Dick Everyman 22.05.19 5:22am
Dick Everyman
Trump visit to include "buying London Bridge and rest of Britain from Mr Farage" 1
Sir Lupus 22.05.19 3:12am
British Steel: petition to save Scunthorpe nearly at double figures 0
Sir Lupus 21.05.19 10:45pm
Sir Lupus