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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
May to wear designer leather pussy guard for Trump visit 0
Dick Everyman 21.01.17 11:14pm
Dick Everyman
New Gambian leader 'in stock for collection from Sengalese store' 3
Mandy Lifeboat 21.01.17 10:58pm
Inauguration newsflash: Trump has three balls

Well, he's 50% larger than life . . ...

Renrag 21.01.17 10:57pm
Gary Baldy
Photographic evidence from Putin aide supports Twitter rumours of Trump victory

140 more characters soon ...

Christopher Steele 21.01.17 9:04pm
Christopher Steele
Inauguration cake-cutting delayed as Donald waits for girl to jump out 0
Adrian Bamforth 21.01.17 8:55pm
Adrian Bamforth
Scott's Antarctic failure down to Fitbit obsession, claims new research

The bruised reputation of Captain Robert Scott suffered a further blow today, with revelations of an apparent obsession with wireless-enabled personal activity trackers. The recent discovery of 5...

chrisf 21.01.17 6:41pm
May gives head dressing down over grammars 2
Underconstruction 21.01.17 6:24pm
Putin switches support from Trump to Corbyn 0
Renrag 21.01.17 5:50pm
US state department denies ever having interfered in foreign elections

'Marshall Plan? What's that?'...

Renrag 21.01.17 5:48pm
World trapped in unpublished Jeffrey Archer novel

‘I wrote this story of a US billionaire game show host who became president, with an Eastern European wife who may or may not be a robot controlled by forces unseen, during a bad period in my...

nickb 21.01.17 4:05pm
Rescued Avalanche Victims Hear Of Trump Inauguration & Dive Back Under The Snow 1
Titus 21.01.17 3:57pm
Twitter in meltdown after Piers Morgan posts terrible opinion about something

Social media website Twitter went into meltdown last night after “TV personality” Piers Morgan posted his opinion about something. Continuing his recent trend of having the opposite view to...

imightnotbefunnybut1 21.01.17 3:00pm
Secret Service to sport unconvincing ginger wigs to confuse snipers. 2
MADJEZ 21.01.17 2:11pm
Trump Sworn In: 'Fuck Me, He's Actually The Bloody President!' 3
Titus 21.01.17 2:10pm
Privileged teen still not addicted to crack

A child from an affluent home is not yet struggling with substance abuse, it has emerged. Parents Greg and Jane White cannot explain why teenage son, Mark, always meets their impossibly high...

jonessgl 21.01.17 1:42pm
Job insecurity : 'Feels shit…doesn’t it' say low skilled

Studies show that thousands of office workers in the banking and insurance sectors have suddenly started giving a shit about job insecurity., Office staff from Bentley’s Oyster Bar to the Miz en...

Gerontius 21.01.17 10:58am
Sir Lupus
Obama agrees to extend farewell tour for another year 1
cinquecento 21.01.17 8:40am
Controversial tailor has thread removed 1
Underconstruction 21.01.17 8:29am
Sinn Fein publish the McGuinness Book of Change the Bloody Record 0
Underconstruction 21.01.17 6:49am
55% of Americans don't believe it's Buzz Aldrin's birthday. More soon. 2
dominic_mcg 21.01.17 6:40am
Inauguration speech leads to outbreak of world peace

There has been a total absence of terrorist activity across the world during January 20th, according to media reports. A US government spokesperson is attributing this to fear of retribution by the...

Renrag 21.01.17 4:59am
Scouser drowns in his own phlegm

Just a headline...

Lou Sarsole 21.01.17 2:17am
Lou Sarsole
Preppers' Association President Welcomes Trump Inauguration

Shaun Toten, 56, issued a statement via Twitter last night;, "Finally, some action. It's not been since the days of JFK that we've had any real threat of armageddon. To be honest, we've been...

rorshach 20.01.17 11:34pm
'We Have No Freakin’ Idea What He’s Gonna Do' But We're Gonna Protest Against It 0
Titus 20.01.17 9:41pm
Trump slams Batman comics for 'creating fake news about me years ago'

Amid claims that President Trump's inauguration speech was 'chillingly similar' to a fictitious acceptance speech in a Batman comic years ago, Trump has tweeted '#capedcrusadershitbag stole my speech...

throngsman 20.01.17 8:03pm
D.C. property values soar. 0
Maverick 20.01.17 7:12pm
Obama sets out plans for next 4 years

Speaking today in Washington, Barack Obama announced a major development of his shed. 'There just isn't room in there to service my bike properly,' he explained, 'but following the upgrade America...

GrahamB 20.01.17 6:40pm
Trumpton residents vote for name change

Townsfolk of tiny 70s TV hamlet Trumpton have voted almost unanimously for a change of name in protest at “puppet” Donald Trump. Mr Troop the Town Clerk announced the result alongside the Mayor....

SoundasaHound 20.01.17 4:50pm
S J Roe
Cat exhibits 'first signs of fascism'

A cat has been manifesting explicit signs of radical authoritarian behaviour, symptomatic of a fascist dictator in early 20th century Europe. The ultra-territorial tabby, regrettably named Mussolini,...

jonessgl 20.01.17 3:16pm
Surrey CC ask for 15% increase in council tax

to continue funding Waitrose "meals on wheels"...

freeryda 20.01.17 2:47pm