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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Researchers Asking Why Footballers Get Brain Damage Have It Wrong Way Round 0
Titus 21.10.19 6:13pm
"Missing" Harry Potter car was in the garage all the time but invisible. 0
Mick Turate 21.10.19 5:29pm
Mick Turate
BBC dismisses plan to deal with Westminster's shouting Brexit protesters

After wrestling with the difficult, and many say, exceptionally irritating problem of having protesters constantly roaring at the top of their voice and interrupting live news broadcasts from...

Chipchase 21.10.19 4:35pm
Caravan Names Mainly Nonsense Confirms British Caravan Naming Committee

A spokesman for the British Caravan Naming Committee has revealed the process by which newly produced caravans are named. He confided “When we name a caravan we have three hats on the table. One is...

SarahTipper 21.10.19 4:31pm
Irish unborn to be given the vote. 0
Newsdesk 21.10.19 4:20pm
Comedy Cast deny telling Meghan to not marry Harry. 0
ron cawleyoni 21.10.19 1:00pm
ron cawleyoni
Farage calls for an end to racism in football

Devout racists were today considering their next move after football authorities ordered a clamp down and zero tolerance on all their activities. In a hastily convened summit, leaders from all the...

tonymc81 21.10.19 12:55pm
Johnson changes name to Perfideous Albion -

but deed poll confused by three letters...

granger 21.10.19 10:56am
Johnson claims signature was forged on document proclaiming I am a two-faced 0
granger 21.10.19 10:39am
Sturgeon secretly jealous of new Conservative and Scottish Independence Party

The Tories are doing a great job of splitting up the Union...

fletcher 21.10.19 10:19am
PM who never says Yes or No asks MPs for a straight Yes or No

More hypocrisy later...

fletcher 21.10.19 10:17am
Julian Assange banned from bring his mattress and duvet into court. 0
tonymc81 21.10.19 9:59am
Ex East Enders star making headlines

Scores of actors and actresses took to twitter today to condemn Ex East Enders actor Danny Cockney for his choice of a new career since leaving the show in January. Heidi Highe, who played Doris...

tonymc81 21.10.19 9:49am
Environmentalist secretly wants the world to end so they can say ‘I told you so’

An unnamed member of the Extinction Rebellion has said she was torn between doing the right thing, with it’s fleetingly satisfaction, as opposed to the sheer unbridled joy of being proven right. ...

Wrenfoe 21.10.19 9:47am
Let's bring country back together, says man who split it apart 0
Oxbridge 21.10.19 9:12am
Bercow May Block Meaningful Vote - 'It Must Be Meaningless' 0
Titus 21.10.19 9:05am
The Royals are worth every penny says Downing Street

Downing Street officials are said to be involved in frank discussions with the Royal family regarding this year’s civil list. As Tory governments have traditionally used royal events to take the...

tonymc81 21.10.19 8:51am
"Dear EU: This Letter Doesn't Count,'Cos I'm Writing It With My Fingers Crossed&

[Dunno why it displays like that; what I typed was: ] "Dear EU: This Letter Doesn't Count,'Cos I'm Writing It With My Fingers Crossed" ...

Titus 21.10.19 8:12am
Boris and chums wreak reprisal havoc with series of wizard pranks

Since having his plans thwarted on Saturday when he was unable to bounce the country into a catastrophic new Brexit deal even worse than the one negotiated by Theresa May, petulant overgrown...

Chipchase 21.10.19 5:17am
Donald Trump,America's Basil Fawlty

With the news that President Trump will not host the G7 summit at his own Florida resort, more details are emerging of numerous times where the President has used visits from overseas politicians to...

tonymc81 20.10.19 9:28pm
Ulster B&Bs angered that the Brexit boarder is to be housed in the Irish Sea. 0
silly billy scotland 20.10.19 5:28pm
silly billy scotland
Boris thought it was a contactless transaction 0
fletcher 20.10.19 2:10pm
Boris finds way to encourage Sinn Féin to take seats in House of Commons 0
Sinnick 20.10.19 1:40pm
PM sends photocopy of his bottom to EU

Boris Johnson has sent a photocopy of his bottom, taken on a Downing Street photocopier, to express his unwillingness to ask the EU for an extension to Brexit. The PM commented: 'To be perfectly...

nickb 20.10.19 12:14pm
Brexit deal to include promotion for man who shouts ‘stop Brexit’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the agreement of a tentative deal between UK and EU negotiators, including a range of new protocols surrounding the Irish border, and plans for the man who...

Adrian Bamforth 20.10.19 11:03am
Border down the Irish Sea, Boris gives hat tip to the IRA 0
tonymc81 20.10.19 10:10am
Boris illiteracy shame

Boris Johnson has admitted that he can't read or write. "All my post has to be read to me by an urchin and I dictate my letters to Trixie or Fion, er Miss Bedworthy or Miss Loose...

apepper 20.10.19 10:03am
Britain's ditch dwellers in state of high anxiety

Tramps, tinkers and other down-and-out vagrants are in a state of high anxiety this morning, all fearing that before the day is out Prime Minister Boris Johnson May be sharing their abode, should he...

Chipchase 20.10.19 9:31am
Man found dead in a ditch. Will be named when Johnson's next of kin informed. 0
Mick Turate 20.10.19 9:30am
Mick Turate
Trump Cc. Yours Sincerely . 0
ron cawleyoni 20.10.19 9:13am
ron cawleyoni