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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Safety concerns as Selhurst Park is rumoured to be 'clad all over' 0
Underconstruction 26.06.17 4:26am
Corbyn continues summer tour with Wimbledon booking

Following on from his success at Glastonbury last weekend, Jeremy Corbyn has announced the next date in his Summer tour, a talk at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club during Wimbledon. ...

chrisf 26.06.17 12:05am
Theresa May ‘wept uncontrollably’ about the loss of cladding at Grenfell Tower - 2

The Prime Minister made a private visit to the North Kensington block where she spoke to emergency services and witnessed firsthand the destruction to the costly exterior. Speaking after her return...

AlkaXS 26.06.17 12:05am
'I Said Strong And Stable' Says May 'I Didn't Say Anything About Non-Flammable.& 2
Titus 25.06.17 11:58pm
Local Accountant Refers to his Genitals as "Downstairs" Again

Local Birmingham accountant Dennis Ruffak has recurred earlier today to one of his favorite metaphors, prominently used by the 32 year old man in playful conversations throughout 2012 and 2013,...

No Refunds 25.06.17 10:17pm
No Refunds
Queen's Corgi never wanted to be a Royal pet

'Monty', One of the Queen's five Corgis has publicly admitted that he didn't want to become a pet in the Royal Household., Peer pressure from 'Willow' and 'Thicket', two of Her Majesty's other dogs...

Underconstruction 25.06.17 8:30pm
Sir Lupus
DUP "We are not dinosaurs, we are real" 4
Ref Minor 25.06.17 8:10pm
Prince Harry says something... who the hell cares? - 2 32
ramblesid 25.06.17 7:44pm
Al OPecia
Corbyn pulls Christmas cracker with no joke 0
DavidH 25.06.17 7:19pm
New tenancy agreements ban use of refrigerators 0
Nicholas Holgate 25.06.17 6:59pm
Nicholas Holgate
Camden admits attempting to smoke out residents 'probably insensitive' 0
throngsman 25.06.17 6:57pm
David Davies "pretty sure, but not 100% certain" he was in Brussels last week. 0
Al OPecia 25.06.17 6:36pm
Al OPecia
Starving, Ragged, Homeless Swiss Regret More Than Ever Not Being In The EU

Hat tip to Rootin Tootin, in the other room ...

Titus 25.06.17 6:31pm
Al OPecia
Shockwaves as High Rise passes fire safety test. No more soon. 0
Al OPecia 25.06.17 6:29pm
Al OPecia
'Washing machine flight' film from Indesit 0
DavidH 25.06.17 6:17pm
Fire Service instructs May to evacuate Downing Street

don't forget the cat...

tamoshanter 25.06.17 6:08pm
Cladding £5 per sheet or 'Buy It Now' for £39.99 per 10 sheets

TherryMay2011 Other items this person has sold: Railway Sleepers marked Croydon, 200 Land-rovers (almost new, but with some minor holes in floor), 'Go Home' Billboard van (low mileage),...

Underconstruction 25.06.17 6:06pm
Tory manifesto fails combustibility test 0
Underconstruction 25.06.17 5:55pm
Prince Harry in £20m transfer to Spanish Royal Family 1
sydalg 25.06.17 5:54pm
Council tower block residents demand their asbestos back.

More shoddy building materials soon...

MADJEZ 25.06.17 5:44pm
Theresa May wows Glastonbury with her face-painting

While Jeremy Corbyn pandered to youngsters with his vision of hope and love, the Prime Minister nailed the John Peel Stage with her avant-garde bukakee madrigal and balloon animals. 'Living it...

Wrenfoe 25.06.17 5:34pm
Only 90 MPs capable of using email, Parliament reveals. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 25.06.17 4:14pm
Al OPecia
'Despacito' means 'sunburnt British twat' in Spanish

The song 'Despacito' – set to be this summer's biggest global hit – is about fat British men abroad with incredibly bad sunburn. Last week's UK number one, which has topped the charts in Spain...

Matt Ward 25.06.17 3:00pm
Matt Ward
Working class white guy still waiting for his white privileges to kick in...

Working class white male, Dave Smith, said he often sits at home in his council flat wondering when his white privileges are going to kick in. "I'm still waiting," said Dave. "I'm 47 years old, I...

Mr Charley 25.06.17 2:16pm
Mr Charley
Festivals to outnumber people by 2050

Experts predict that festivals will outnumber people by almost two to one by 2050, unless a breeding programme is introduced with immediate effect., With most Cities, Towns and Villages already...

Underconstruction 25.06.17 1:55pm
Spelling mistake led to Jk's non appearance at Glastonbury

Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay has criticised...

Underconstruction 25.06.17 1:36pm
Teenager who has his father's eyes charged with murder 0
Underconstruction 25.06.17 1:25pm
Harry "I just want to be a normal kind of rich dude with no job" 0
cinquecento 25.06.17 10:45am
Corbyn's First Act as Prime Minister will be to Reclaim Excalibur

Deep within the basement of the British Museum in London lie the remains of Excalibur, King Arthur's famous sword, where it has lain for the last 100 years after having been retrieved from a cave in...

Prime Mover 25.06.17 10:39am
Prime Mover
Corbyn despairs at misuse of Glastonbury farmland but soaks up adulation anyway 0
DavidH 25.06.17 9:31am