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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Chuka Umunna joins Lib Dems after Avengers rejection 0
Crayon 18.09.19 4:35am
National Liberal Democrat Front Plans Coup

Putting the Li into Liberal and the rat into Democrat. Voters likely to want to put Demo back into Democrat. (Ironic that the 'Liberals' want to ignore Parliament, the government [i]and[/i] the...

Titus 18.09.19 4:28am
Spiders Spotted Suspiciously Surveiling Shelter Since Surviving Slummy Squat 0
thackaray 18.09.19 1:39am
Channel swimmer achieves two booze runs in just 54 hours 0
Smart Alex 17.09.19 11:07pm
Smart Alex
Parents appalled 6yr old's date kept them waiting under the clock for an hour 3
tonymc81 17.09.19 9:48pm
Tories to boost post-Brexit trade by urging young men to join the East India Co. 0
Smart Alex 17.09.19 9:46pm
Smart Alex
All Other Parties Asked To Stand Down & Give LibDem & Brexit Parties A Clear Run 0
Titus 17.09.19 9:45pm
New comedy double act launch career: Pannick & Keen

Following in the British tradition of such entertainers as Hale & Pace, Hinge & Bracket, Mitchell & Webb and Little & Large, the two Lords of Laughter, Pannick & Keen, opened...

Walter Eagle 17.09.19 9:14pm
Rutland Upset That Its New McDonald's Entrance Will Be In Lincs & Exit In Leics 6
Titus 17.09.19 8:35pm
Brexit- how will in end? (May contain spoilers)

As Brexit nears its dramatic conclusion, viewers are eagerly wondering how the epic fantasy tale will finally conclude. Here are a few possible endings: ‘The Lost’ From an opening premise that...

grumblechops 17.09.19 8:01pm
Walter Eagle
Mail exclusive: NHS treats GERMAN measles

On other pages: FURY as BBC World Service 'picked up by foreigners'...

Bravenewmalden 17.09.19 6:01pm
Terry Bunn
Fuming Ian Duncan Smith delcares war on Luxembourg by dropping Atos Bomb on them 0
ron cawleyoni 17.09.19 5:37pm
ron cawleyoni
Leech claims to be a ‘blood creator’

Medical research normally endorses the careful removal of a parasite, but some leeches are of the opinion that if it was not for them, no blood would ever be produced. In fact, many leeches have...

Wrenfoe 17.09.19 5:13pm
Sir Lupus
Umunna’s move to Lib Dems a stitch up says labour

Chuka Umunna’s wife Alice is said to be on the point of exhaustion after a marathon session of stitching new personalised labels into his House of Commons underwear. Terrified that he might be...

tonymc81 17.09.19 5:04pm
Liz Truss apologises for illigal Saudi arms sale,I thought it was cheese 0
tonymc81 17.09.19 4:14pm
Incredible Hulk turns into the Invisible Man. More soon. 2
Al OPecia 17.09.19 3:39pm
Woman swimming Channel finally makes her mind up

Is this allowed?...

Gerontius 17.09.19 3:15pm
Farage offers pact, doesn’t get backed, Corbyn now packed

Astutely sensing the imminent threat to absolutely everything under an alternative Corbyn ‘led’ Labour government, Nigel Farage has offered Boris Johnson an election candidate pact aimed at...

m4x 17.09.19 1:42pm
The Sun Admits Publishing A True Story Which Was On Public Record

The [i]Sun[/i], an alleged newspaper, has profusely apologised for printing a factual story which was already on public record. 'We deeply regret this lapse in our usual standards, and we recognise...

Titus 17.09.19 1:42pm
Aldi to connect London with Manchester and Leeds via 530km middle aisle 0
Crayon 17.09.19 1:33pm
Appeal Court Judges To Replace Expensive General Elections

'And not before time' say many MPs. 'General elections are not only expensive, they are time-consuming, noisy and potentially offensive to many. They also and often result in the wrong people...

Titus 17.09.19 1:16pm
Cameron at ease as his favourite team draws. 2
ron cawleyoni 17.09.19 12:45pm
Midfield Diamond
Boris to conduct all future press calls as a hologram

Downing Street has announced that after chickening out of yesterday's press conference in Luxembourg when there were protesters waiting to heckle him, Boris Johnson will now undertake all future...

Chipchase 17.09.19 12:21pm
Luxembourg PM to be next guest host on HIGNFY..featuring a 'tub of lard' again. 1
ron cawleyoni 17.09.19 12:17pm
EU Budgets €1.6 Billion Spend On Channel

The EU will decide 'some time soon after 31st October' whether to widen and deepen it - or to fill it in. "We clearly need to do this as an urgent safety matter, or [i]Problème de santé et de...

Titus 17.09.19 12:15pm
HS2 contractors offer express firewood deliveries to London residents. 0
Newsdesk 17.09.19 10:50am
Boris: 'Don't Pannick, don't - Pannick' 0
throngsman 17.09.19 10:16am
Cameron "Johnson is liar" shock - news about Pope's religion may follow

Former PM, David Cameron, has rocked the political world by announcing that Boris Johnson is a liar who only supported the leave campaign to boost his career. "I know this seems unbelievable.", said...

apepper 17.09.19 9:06am
British Pathe Tic News

Excited crowds gathered today at Heathrow Airport as Britain’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson arrived back in triumph from Europe after his successful trip on behalf of her majesty’s subjects....

tonymc81 17.09.19 9:02am
Heckle and Jibes 0
Chipchase 17.09.19 8:25am