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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Critic of Welsh MPs accused of drinking during lockdown said they had no Brains! 3
ron cawleyoni 19.01.21 9:27pm
Guildford strangler operated at full throttle 0
SteveB 19.01.21 9:08pm
'Project Fear' cancel their much anticipated post-Brexit Doom tour

The establishment Doom Goth band 'Project Fear' have unfortunately had to postpone their forthcoming 'Brexit Unleashed' stadium tour due to a lack of catastrophe and resulting disappointing ticket...

Ironduke 19.01.21 7:34pm
Trump offered choice of 'accommodations' at Guantanamo pending trial 0
camz 19.01.21 7:18pm
Thai Woman In Her 60s Hugely Relieved As Jail Sentence Reduced From 87 To 43 Yrs 0
Titus 19.01.21 7:10pm
Trump pardons Ronan Keating for Fairytale of New York cover version 0
bookiesfriend 19.01.21 7:05pm
Trump sneezes. Says 'Pardon me! Well thank you, don't mind if I do' 0
antharrison 19.01.21 6:45pm
Welsh MPs who drank despite alcohol ban "weren't drunk, but speaking Welsh". 0
dominic_mcg 19.01.21 6:43pm
British Fishermen "absolutely ecstatic" with first of the "Brexit Dividends". 3
Al OPecia 19.01.21 6:21pm
Trump Grants Pre-emptive Pardons To 20,000* Capitol Hill Rioters

(*or however many it was - I can't find even an estimated figure anywhere. Anyone?) ...

Titus 19.01.21 5:26pm
Trump Seen Carrying Cardboard Box Out Of Front Door Of White House

(Got to be worth a PhotshopBiscuit!) ...

Titus 19.01.21 5:07pm
Melania Trump spotted in the Siamese Cat Protection League's adoption pages. 0
dominic_mcg 19.01.21 4:57pm
Every road to be offered grit by September, confirms government

All UK roads will be offered a first dose of grit by September, claims government snowman, Grant Shapps. Speaking to a neighbour at his local petrol station, the Transport Secretary said: "Our target...

DavidH 19.01.21 4:54pm
Melania Trump memoirs - "I Still Have To Live With Him" 0
camz 19.01.21 4:44pm
Trump pardons Darth Vader, Sauron, Lord Voldemorte and Cruella de Vil

More to follow...

apepper 19.01.21 4:43pm
Trump handover note for Biden: 'I left the nuclear codes under the mat.' 0
Adrian Bamforth 19.01.21 4:22pm
Adrian Bamforth
Gary Neville pundits the shit out of CPFC - Conservative Party Fiasco Club

Gary Neville, former England defender and just the sort of pundit laughingstock Sky Sports loves to snap up and groom for nowhere near greatness, has brought his formidable lack of insight to the...

SteveB 19.01.21 3:37pm
Breaking: Call centre isn't experiencing a higher volume of calls than normal

For the first time since the creation of telephones and business parks, a call centre hasn't had more customers contacting them than usual. The pre-recorded message, that never fails to accurately...

SimoneCleal 19.01.21 2:24pm
Surprise As Anarchy Follows Children's Return To School While Teachers Stay Home 0
Titus 19.01.21 2:13pm
Students display graceful moaning volte face with triple sulko

In a stunningly accomplished and elegant pirouette, the nation's students have maintained a perfectly uninterrupted stream of entitled moaning whilst reversing the polarity of the subject...

Ironduke 19.01.21 1:35pm
Trump to pardon Lee Harvey Oswald

Donald Trump plans to pardon Lee Harvey Oswald, claiming that Crooked Hilary travelled back in time and forced him to assassinate JFK. Or something...

deskpilot3 19.01.21 1:31pm
Terry Bunn
Black seals matter 0
Hindari Banga 19.01.21 1:30pm
Hindari Banga
NHS realise it was 350,000 extra PATIENTS a week they were getting post-Brexit 1
Ironduke 19.01.21 1:00pm
Intellectual property thieves steal Toby Young's arsehole 2
Myke 19.01.21 12:04pm
Paul McKenna admits failure in 'I can make your hair grow back' challenge

Irritating mentalist and smug self publicist Paul McKenna has finally admitted he has no control over his hair loss. Famed for writing self help tomes with titles such as 'I can make you thin', 'I...

Max Stars 19.01.21 11:57am
Max Stars
Chile to build second motorway 0
SteveB 19.01.21 11:55am
Study finds Royal Mail deliveries are a postcode lottery 0
Max Stars 19.01.21 11:53am
Max Stars
Tory donor buys Bullingdon club, 3 back benchers and Priti Patel. 1
tonymc81 19.01.21 9:14am
Dozens of shelfish lorry drivers block ports. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 19.01.21 9:13am
Post Brexit, NHS asks 'where's the bus with all the extra money?' 0
deskpilot3 19.01.21 9:08am