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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Queen Elizabeth carrier hotwired and taken for joyride round Isle of Wight 1
DavidH 18.08.17 12:19pm
Van Rental Companies To Demand Larger Deposits From Suicide-Belts-Wearers 0
Titus 18.08.17 12:17pm
Barrymore celebrates court payout with cocaine & sex party.... here we go again. 0
MADJEZ 18.08.17 12:08pm
Judge praises Essex Police for destroying Michael Barrymores career 0
Scronnyglonkle 18.08.17 10:46am
So-Called BBC Persists In Honouring Daesh With The Title Of 'Islamic State'

More later, unfortunately ...

Titus 18.08.17 10:38am
Corbyn tells Champion 'now if you'd said it was the Jews..' 12
cinquecento 18.08.17 10:22am
Charlottesville 'clowns' to perform the SuperBowl halftime show 0
DavidH 18.08.17 9:01am
Ramblers Association sends condolences 0
cinquecento 18.08.17 8:32am
Bono admits to manlooking after finding it in the second drawer down 0
Smart Alex 18.08.17 8:14am
Smart Alex
Oops - duplicate 0
Smart Alex 18.08.17 8:10am
Smart Alex
Wearers Of Fake Suicide Belts Go To Mock-Up Of Paradise When Killed 0
Titus 18.08.17 8:03am
Spain to Launch 'Running Of The Jihadists' In Pamplona

Sadly, more later, probably ...

Titus 18.08.17 7:56am
Space Race Accelerates As Daesh Plans To Establish Caliphate On Mars 0
Titus 18.08.17 7:49am
Protests As Morocco, Algreria, Tunisia & Libya Refused Membership Of The EU 0
Titus 18.08.17 7:46am
David Davies "still inside paper bag". More soon. 18
Al OPecia 18.08.17 7:18am
Al OPecia
Yankee Doodle committed to carehome after insisting a feather was macaroni. 0
Maverick 18.08.17 6:57am
Learndirect awards Diane Abbott honorary PhD in Sums 1
cinquecento 18.08.17 6:49am
Al OPecia
'Tory Glastonbury' line-up is confirmed - 2

The Conservative Party has promised the 'mother of all festivals' will take place next summer, eclipsing by far Jeremy Corbyn's reception at the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in June. George Freeman...

Oxbridge 18.08.17 6:47am
Al OPecia
Woman who marries agnostic unhappy to find he's a faithless husband 0
Renrag 18.08.17 1:35am
World cries out for the tragic assassination of Donald Trump - 2

Dallas has prepared a brand new grassy knoll. On the 47th floor of Trump Tower a balustrade has been carefully loosened. Presidential aides have secured carefully chosen theatre tickets and Melania...

nickb 17.08.17 9:51pm
Pass rate for Learndirect students rises to 102%. 1
deskpilot3 17.08.17 9:26pm
Al OPecia
Public flock to Portsmouth to see Boaty McNo-Planes. 1
MADJEZ 17.08.17 9:25pm
Al OPecia
Edinburgh Tattoo removed by giant laser 1
nickb 17.08.17 9:24pm
Al OPecia
Discount supermarket opened by discount celebrity

There was disappointment for the 46 shoppers who waited in a steady breeze yesterday morning for the grand opening of the new Lidl at Newport, Isle of Wight, when the 'mystery celebrity' they had...

Oxbridge 17.08.17 9:18pm
Boys improve in A levels after hitting rock bottom

Following years of academic decline, where boys have consistently underperformed in A level results year on year and girls have had to produce a corresponding rise in attainment to make Government...

throngsman 17.08.17 9:08pm
Hogwarts students celebrate A-levels results by levitating.

More magic later...

Mick Turate 17.08.17 8:48pm
Mick Turate
Drunken Fuckwits Demand Their Rights As A Despised Minority

'Look, we're a section of society like any other' said Kevin Scatt as he wiped the vomit off his face after throwing up onto a shop window, while on his way with some mates to go and give some...

Titus 17.08.17 8:33pm
Lords and Commons to move into Queen Elizabeth during renovations

,,,more soon...

tamoshanter 17.08.17 7:07pm
Government to recruit team of deaf engineers 0
Hindari Banga 17.08.17 6:22pm
Hindari Banga
Brexit latest: David Davis "close to finding exit of paper bag"

Several EU officials are expected to lose a bet later this week as leading Brexit negotiator, David Davis, is reported to be close to negotiating his way out of a paper bag. He took up the challenge...

apepper 17.08.17 6:12pm
Al OPecia