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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Nuttall decries Bolton as “fantasist” over remaining leader. 0
Ref Minor 22.01.18 6:48pm
Ref Minor
UKIP votes to leave UKIP. More soon. 1
Al OPecia 22.01.18 6:40pm
Elon Musk to re-invent the wheel.

Only it goes faster and does internet while it talks to you. Worship at it's feet. Erm, tyres...

MzWibble 22.01.18 6:37pm
Emergency Declared As University Lecturers' Strike Brings Country To A Halt 0
Titus 22.01.18 6:34pm
Dead Sea Scrolls reveal: No more salt thanks..that's alot. 0
ron cawleyoni 22.01.18 5:59pm
ron cawleyoni
"Doctor Ronaldo..will see you now" 0
ron cawleyoni 22.01.18 5:56pm
ron cawleyoni
Crack team of GP secretaries decipher Dead Sea Scroll 1
chrisf 22.01.18 5:06pm
'Kind Regards' goes from passive aggressive to outright lie

Scientists have discovered that over 90% of respondents who sign off emails are neither regarding us kindly, interested in the best of our wishes or intending to stay faithful. In most cases, the...

Wrenfoe 22.01.18 2:18pm
CBI says we need disposable workers by 2020.

If the UK is to keep it's economy competitive so it can provide full employment, we have to be able to treat workers like slave labor and bring them in from anywhere, and just bin them when they need...

MzWibble 22.01.18 2:17pm
US demands NATO expel Turkey.

Trump accuses Turkey of making inflamatory statements...

MzWibble 22.01.18 2:13pm
Eco-Freaks Pleased At Not Having To Use Oil, Gas Or Nukes In This Cold Weather 5
Titus 22.01.18 2:12pm
National Bakers' Association annual dinner ends in abundance

[No, I'm not proud.]...

Crayon 22.01.18 2:04pm
Queen galloping towards constitutional crisis

Reports are emerging that Her Majesty the Queen is believed to be letting her love of the sport of Kings get out of control, with sources saying she is neglecting matters of state and that she has...

Chipchase 22.01.18 1:57pm
Being a peasant is in the British DNA says leading scientist.

A leading European scientist today announced that he has finally managed to isolate and identify the Peasant gene in the average Britain., For years world boffins have been baffled by the British...

tonymc81 22.01.18 1:24pm
Ken Bruce handover segment enters third day

A switchover chat between DJs on Radio 2 showed no signs of ending today after stalwart Scot-jock Ken Bruce insisted on having the last word as he passed the mike over to Jeremy Vine. ‘It was a...

chrisf 22.01.18 1:09pm
ron cawleyoni
Council apathy blamed as 4,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire...still not fixed. 0
ron cawleyoni 22.01.18 1:03pm
ron cawleyoni
Weekend Results

UKIP 6 Watford 1...

Volvov50 22.01.18 1:03pm
Henry Bolton now the only UKIP member. 0
Mick Turate 22.01.18 12:38pm
Mick Turate
Britain's cupboards crammed full of weird teabags again

Britons have been stockpiling record quantities of undrinkable tea in preparation for this year's traditional throwing-away ceremony, it has emerged. The tea-collecting season commences on January...

Fantastijem 22.01.18 12:30pm
It's 2028, Britain Booms But Remainians Warn 'Brexit Hasn't Fully Happened Yet'

More, for ever probably ...

Titus 22.01.18 11:34am
Left Alert - Newsbiscuit's guide to Eastenders

BBC's flagship soap, Eastenders, has enjoyed enduring popularity over the past thirty years, winning gongs and awards aplenty, and it certainly looks set to continue to do so for the next thirty....

Chipchase 22.01.18 10:27am
ron cawleyoni
Autistic people to get right to Blue Badge, but only on blue days 0
Oxbridge 22.01.18 10:22am
Tourists ripped off in Venice restaurants call for opening branches of Greggs.

Just one more pasteo...

ron cawleyoni 22.01.18 10:18am
ron cawleyoni
Henry Bolton’s wife’s ‘I told you so’ face enters its second month

UKIP’s national executive has backed a vote of no confidence by Mr Bolton’s three wives and numerous au pairs. Political commentators are saying it is a rejection of the UKIP leader’s ‘one...

Wrenfoe 22.01.18 10:17am
Ukipped into touch. 0
ron cawleyoni 22.01.18 9:41am
ron cawleyoni
Tories accused of being blue badge kissers. 0
ron cawleyoni 22.01.18 9:37am
ron cawleyoni
UKIP Membership More Than Halved After Nearly A Dozen Quit

Less (well, fewer) later ...

Titus 22.01.18 9:04am
'I'm gonna get that goddamn SOB Davros' vows Trump

President Trump has once more raised eyebrows by claiming during a White House briefing: 'I'm gonna get that goddamn son of a bitch, Bobby Davros, for once and for all when I'm in Europe this week.'...

Chipchase 22.01.18 8:57am
Farage To Form Party Again: 'NewKIP' 0
Titus 22.01.18 8:42am
Theresa May told to put ‘fear of God’ into company chiefs, not homemade soup! 0
DavidH 22.01.18 12:19am