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Welcome to the NewsBiscuit Writers' Room 0 Nice Admin Lady 02.12.13 11:19pm
Nice Admin Lady
Blair Still Hasn't Grasped That Many Hate The EU Mainly Because He Supports It 0
Titus 23.04.17 11:18pm
Tories propose four new 'tax holidays' for bankers

Countering Jeremy Corbyn's proposal for more public holidays, the Conservative Party plans to offer additional dates for tax avoidance, sub-prime lending and general 'financial d$ckishness'. The...

Wrenfoe 23.04.17 11:13pm
N Korea Terrified As Corbyn Obfuscates Over Claim That He Would Never Use Nukes 0
Titus 23.04.17 10:27pm
Corbyn manifesto: Abolish February, replace with extra summer month Leninber.

Appearing on the Andrew Marr show, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made the astonishing announcement . 'Vote for me and I'll abolish Februaryit's a god awful month with crap weather and under this Tory...

Ironduke 23.04.17 10:19pm
Latest news from FTSE 100...Car Shares values increasing thanks to Peter Kay. 0
ron cawleyoni 23.04.17 10:19pm
ron cawleyoni
Manual labour to be eradicated under a Labour government says Corbyn.

Following the recent announcements about proposed minimum wage and additional bank holidays, Jeremy Corbyn will today set out his plans to phase out labour by the end of the next parliament, if...

freeryda 23.04.17 10:10pm
Rising anti-semifinalism causing upset at Spurs. 0
ron cawleyoni 23.04.17 10:08pm
ron cawleyoni
Music fan reckons Placebo gig was just as good as seeing The Cure 8
Smart Alex 23.04.17 10:08pm
Au Secours! 0
Al OPecia 23.04.17 9:16pm
Al OPecia
Accountant confirms ‘flow’ experience in office similar to Buddhist meditation

An accountant has equated accomplishing a routine office task with an enlightened state of consciousness. Financial Controller of Recycled Plastics Ltd, John Simmons, has likened the experience to a...

jonessgl 23.04.17 9:11pm
Pete Townshend quietly wondering how he became the World Health Organisation. 0
Maverick 23.04.17 8:23pm
Audit on Osborn's income proves he doesn't believe in free speech 0
throngsman 23.04.17 7:50pm
. 1
Sinnick 23.04.17 6:51pm
Not Amused
Corbyn to form an alliance with Labour Party 4
Adrian Bamforth 23.04.17 5:14pm
Al OPecia
Corbyn to sell Trident on eBay. More soon. 0
Al OPecia 23.04.17 5:12pm
Al OPecia
Labour To Create New 'St Jeremy's Day' Bank Holiday If They Miraculously Win 1
Titus 23.04.17 4:11pm
Corbyn says everyone can have their birthday off, and three duvet days.

Unless you're one of those people who have already rigged the bank holiday system and are taking a ridiculous number of bank holidays off according to the calendar in some foreign offshore tax haven...

deskpilot3 23.04.17 3:46pm
Tory's counter with offer of four bank holidays when the weather's nicer.

And also propose to stop benefit payments on bank holidays...

deskpilot3 23.04.17 3:23pm
Tim Farron rules out coalition with other Lib Dems. 0
deskpilot3 23.04.17 3:21pm
“I am Princess Di’s son” claims deluded mental patient 2
farmer giles 23.04.17 3:19pm
Corbyn woos 5 million self-employed with 4 days loss of earnings 2
cinquecento 23.04.17 3:17pm
Syrian immigrant under investigation by the RSPCA for dragon cruelty. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 23.04.17 1:15pm
Atheist wants saints' days as holidays. More soon. 1
dominic_mcg 23.04.17 12:36pm
Nurses and junior doctors really looking forward to 4 extra bank holidays. 0
dominic_mcg 23.04.17 10:49am
Scientists march for 'Tomorrows World' 0
ron cawleyoni 23.04.17 9:57am
ron cawleyoni
Nuttall caught between curing cancer and leading UKIP in the election

More soon. No one envies him his decisions about where best to use his time with so many talents...

Not Amused 23.04.17 9:01am
Not Amused
Man sucking Snickers bar in retro sweet shop reminded it's a Marathon not a mint 0
chrisf 23.04.17 8:38am
Lawn wars and hedge rows as mowing season kicks off 0
maxine jones 23.04.17 7:58am
maxine jones
Fewer UK cities bid for Commonwealth Games as ‘it’ll only bring in foreigners’

And it’s not just here. International sports fixtures worldwide are threatened as more and more nations refuse to mix with outsiders. The last Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow. As a British...

maxine jones 23.04.17 7:53am
maxine jones
Britain Tells EU To Exile Guy Verhofstadt To Elba

Further subtle diplomatic Brexit negotiations soon ...

Titus 23.04.17 7:30am