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Nice Admin Lady
Ant and Dec win TV Award for best dramatic vehicle 0
Adrian Bamforth 24.01.19 12:50am
Adrian Bamforth
Speedboat killer resurfaces

Appeal soon...

fivespires 23.01.19 11:08pm
Butcher Terrified as Neighbours Start Turning Into Vegans

A local butcher claims that his neighbours behave strangely and seem to go through some kind of sinister transformation, turning into unrecognizable and ungodly creatures. “I’ve always tried to...

Sasa Stankovic 23.01.19 11:04pm
Sasa Stankovic
A crap deal is better than a shit deal. - 23

Which is better than a poor deal or a bad deal...

MzWibble 23.01.19 11:02pm
Teenage boys biggest consumers of palm oil. More soon. 0
dominic_mcg 23.01.19 9:06pm
MP mocks Lord Chief Justice for "wearing a wig"

Huw Merriman has mocked Lord Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice, for wearing an "obvious wig". Sitting in the public gallery, of the High Court, Mr Merriman was seen to nudge his neighbour and point...

apepper 23.01.19 8:58pm
Duplicate post... 0
apepper 23.01.19 8:58pm
James Dyson from Brexit to Exbrit. 0
ron cawleyoni 23.01.19 8:54pm
ron cawleyoni
Maybe not having Brexit is making firms leave?

While everyone is quick to assume Brexit uncertainty is leading to high-profile companies leaving the UK, others suggest that it is this very lack of post-apocalyptic-turnip-famine-zombie-infestation...

Wrenfoe 23.01.19 8:08pm
Shortage of foreign billionaires calling for Brexit addressed by Dyson

A worrying shortage of very rich, white, old, foreign men calling for Brexit has been addressed by James Dyson. Mr Dyson explained, "When you look at the list of very rich, white, old, foreign men...

apepper 23.01.19 7:50pm
Dyson’s Moral Vacuum facility to relocate to Singapore

Sir James Dyson, the British billionaire inventor and gobshite Brexiter has announced that his company’s Moral Vacuum facility is to be relocated from its UK base in Malmesbury to Singapore.,...

fivespires 23.01.19 7:33pm
Tory MP Fabricant hits back over 'wig jibe': Nobody would buy a wig this bad. 0
dominic_mcg 23.01.19 6:58pm
Venezuelan President: Trump wouldn't recognise shit if he was swimming in it. 0
dominic_mcg 23.01.19 6:54pm
Duke of Edinburgh pardons Shepherd 0
Guido Drapatolli 23.01.19 6:19pm
Guido Drapatolli
M&S deny toilet paper image is Allah Vera. 0
fivespires 23.01.19 5:51pm
Dear Gillette

Dear Gillette, I used to use Contour Plus razors, until you discontinued them, forcing me to buy another (unnecessary) razor. I went for Sensor Excel. Last night I needed blades, so went to the...

deceangli 23.01.19 5:30pm
Orla Guerin relishes move to CBeebies

BBC correspondent Orla Guerin, who has covered war zones and conflict for the past 10 years has described her delight at being moved to cover events on the children`s channel CBeebies. ‘Disease,...

antharrison 23.01.19 4:31pm
Death Row inmate says delay is worse than being executed. 0
tonymc81 23.01.19 4:00pm
Bugger 0
Sinnick 23.01.19 3:57pm
Bruce: Question Time jeering and booing reflects Commons perfectly 0
Guido Drapatolli 23.01.19 1:37pm
Guido Drapatolli
Dyson to leave UK creating huge vacuum. 5
Ian Searle 23.01.19 12:04pm
Prince Philip 'Should Have Negotiated His Crash & Rolled Over More Slowly'

and maybe continued for a transition period, to reduce the risk of running into a backstop ...

Titus 23.01.19 11:44am
Business Colleagues Refuse To Bury Dead Man Owing To Expense & Inconvenience

Devoted friends and business associates of Mr EUstace Member-Shyppe are reported to be in a state of shock and turmoil following his recent sudden, unexpected death. 'No, no, we need to re-negotiate...

Titus 23.01.19 11:29am
Brexit solved by man in pub shouting "why don't they just sort it out"

All the sticking points in the Brexit deal, including, what was thought to be intractable, Northern Ireland border issue, has been resolved after a man in a pub shouted "why don't they just sort it...

apepper 23.01.19 11:00am
Sun has yet to apologise says tearful Duke

The Duke of Edinburgh has claimed that the sun has yet to apologise for causing him to start driving upside down. "It's time the sun admitted liability for this. And do you know what? I've found...

apepper 23.01.19 9:29am
Ant wins best rehab and most acrimonious divorce awards. 0
Mick Turate 23.01.19 9:07am
Mick Turate
Leading Brexiteers give ringing endorsements of post-EU Britain.

Dyson moves to Singapore, Rees-Mogg's business moves to Ireland, Farage's children get German Passports All aboard the Hypocrisy Battle Bus!!!...

Al OPecia 23.01.19 8:45am
Al OPecia
Leave Supporters stock piling Anoraks in case of No Deal 1
tonymc81 23.01.19 8:07am
"Anything less than apocalypse counts as success" say Brexiteers

Many of Britain's Brexiteers are using their superior powers of persuasion to assure the rest of the country that a no-deal Brexit will not mean the end of the world, and therefore, regardless of how...

Crayon 23.01.19 3:15am
Cannibalism After No-Deal Brexit 'Not Necessarily Widespread'

Fanatical hard-line, no compromise, no-deal, We-Want-Brexit,-Brexit-Means-Brexit,-Brexit,-The-Whole-Of-Brexit-And-Nothing-But-Brexit-And-We-Want-It-Now-Or-Preferably-Sooner campaigners have denied...

Titus 23.01.19 1:55am