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Woman thought to be having stroke “was just speaking Welsh”

Paramedics called to attend to an old lady in Shrewsbury today were baffled that, despite confused and disordered speech, she wasn’t showing any other signs of having had a stroke.

”It was bizarre,” said Mike Oldham. “Her face hadn’t fallen on either side, and she could raise her arms above shoulder height, once she understood we were asking her to do that. Yet her speech was slurred and made no sense at all.

“It was only when I saw the webbed fingers and hairy feet that I realised she was Welsh. I sometimes forget how close we are to the border - they do occasionally make it across.”

It’s thought the woman may have become confused by the tall buildings and electric lights in Shrewsbury, causing her to trip and hit her head. However, once she came round paramedics were able to ascertain that, aside from being Welsh, there was nothing wrong with her at all.

The Welsh government issued a statement following the woman’s safe return to her home in Llareggub. Unfortunately, we’ve no idea what it was.

image from pixabay

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Apr 28

Cymru am byth. Carriad.

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