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AI can diagnose dementia just by asking for your email's 'memorable word'

Scientists have created an artificial intelligence system that can detect brain deterioration by asking you to remember a vague detail you once used to set up your Hotmail account twenty years ago. In fact, your password itself has been auto inputted for so long you have probably forgotten that as well.

A trial at Addenbrooke's Hospital, asking 500 respondents, when was the last time they did a Windows update? Only 10% could recall the date, and 5% of them were confused Apple Mac owners.

Explained one clinician: 'Originally we used a crude metric, by asking people what day the bins go out. But we found the password recovery process bamboozles anyone over 30. Remember that memorable holiday? No, neither do we. What about your geography teacher's pet name, or can you recall your partner's favourite book? Who the hell knows or cares?'

If further proof was needed, the second stage of the password recovery involves receiving a six-digit number to a phone you no longer own. 'It's almost as if the brain struggles to remember the street where your third cousin grew up on'.

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