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Restaurant inexplicably refusing to use £ signs on menu

There is absolutely no reason, apart from utter pretentiousness and a desire to appear trendy for not using the £ sign in front of any items on their food and drink menus, a restaurant has confirmed.

The Hog and Farrier , an upmarket eaterie in Hoxton, London, serves sliders (8.5 each) artisan cheeseboards (16), grazing platters. (13.25) and mixed mezes (11.75) alongside craft beers (4-6.25 per schooner) carefully curated by a resident hop sommelier.

‘We haven’t used £ signs in front of our menu prices for some time now’ said Martin Da Costa, Deputy Libation and Gastronomy Manager. ‘It definitely makes us seem more edgy somehow, and elevates the description of our food items to an even higher level.

‘ ‘3 kinds of olives, infused with Mediterranean oils and topped with soft organic feta’, sounds so much more appealing when it’s followed by 9.5, instead of £9.50.’

‘There’s that added air of mystery to it with the customer left to work out whether it is £, euros, dollars, maybe even Saudi riyals, or Mexican pesos’, continued Da Costa.

‘If you gave me 1.00 for every time I was asked when we were going to stop this pretentious practice of not using £ signs on our menus, I’d be a rich man’, concluded Da Costa.

image from pixabay

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