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Aleppo devastated by TripAdvisor review

There is one thing worse than being indiscriminately shelled and that is metaphorically bombing online. Citizens of Aleppo have been criticized by @CandyMom81, for their lack hypoallergenic flak jackets. Said one hotelier: ‘Everyone keeps visiting us – ISIS, Russians, Kurds, you name them – but no one ever wants to stay.’

Travel guides claim that Aleppo boasts a ‘360 degree panoramic view’, since all the buildings are destroyed. Said one brochure: ‘Aleppo is flat…really, really flat. If you like small piles of rubble, this is the place for you! Sparsely populated, limbs tastefully strewn about the landscape and drenched in culture…sorry, did we say culture? We meant ‘blood’.’

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