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All night garages braced for Valentine's Day shopping spree

All-night garages are implementing "Project Headless Chicken" to be ready for the traditional Valentine's Day Eve panic shopping bonanza.

"It's one of the 'golden days' - or should I say 'golden nights'", enthused Ron Jenkins of Clacton. "It's up there with Christmas eve. Men arrive with panic in their eyes and leave with tears - after they've seen the price of 1 rose and truly tasteless card."

Although things seem rosy, the rise of same day delivery by supermarkets did cause some concern in the industry.

"When the local Tesco's started home delivery, I had a nightmare vision of champagne and spring flowers being delivered at 9 in the morning.", said Mr Jenkins, "However, when the reality of substituted dog shampoo and spring onions turned up at 3am, I realised I had little to worry about."

image from pixabay

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