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All service station food to be edible by 2040

All snacks sold on British roadways must be made fit for human consumption by 2040, the Ministry of Transport has announced.

Critics are pointing out that there are no signs that snack technology will be advanced enough to satisfy the average driver on long journeys without having to stop off several times at roadside burger vans.

However, many travellers have already made the move from road to rail, deciding to take their chances with a Southern Rail chicken tikka masala over a Rustlers cheeseburger reheated next to the toilets.

A spokesperson for haulage industry said: ‘We have nothing against ‘clean’ food - indeed, edible sandwiches have been on the market now for several years - but it is unfair to force drivers to make the switch.

‘Needless to say, this will hit long distance lorry drivers the hardest, many of whom are now physically dependent on microwaved sausage rolls.’

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