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Another dip in the NB archives

10,000BC, Patent for Ugg Boots filed by Caveman, Zogg.

1215. King accepts the Barons' terms for regulation of mediaeval alcohol in the Magners Charter of Runny Mead.

1789. Monster giveaway sale at Bastille leads to stampede, riots and regicide.

1815. British victory at Waterloo a devastating blow to Napoleon and to King George III, who thinks he's Napoleon.

1854. Famously tightfisted Alfred Tennyson complains again about high prices with "The Service Charge of the Light Brigade".

1914-1918. Great Powers collaborate in four-year cull of Europe's poet population.

1939. Europe fears retaliation after Horst Wessel song gets nul point in Eurovision.

1995. Argentina's oldest man, Don Adolfo Hitlerez, dies aged 106. He attributed his longevity to his famous "chewed carpet diet".

hat tip; sirlupus

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