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Are you a liberal? Your guide to black-face Hitler cosplay

Have you ever ironically re-enacted the Rwanda genocide during Fresher's Fair? Did you dress up as the Jeffrey Dahmer while on a gap year? Then you may be a closet liberal.

Remarked one TikToker: 'It's odd that all the people lecturing us on ethics often have a secret past of writing fan fiction about Leopold II of Belgium and have the largest collection of Pol Pot plushtoys.'

This follows as another celeb was embarrassed, when photos emerged of them dressing as Harold Shipman at a swingers club: 'I want apologise for my insensitivity. I was a different person. And if I had my time over again, I'd go as Dr.Crippin.'

A sociologist explained: 'The best thing about being 21st century Liberal, is that you know what the right thing to do is - but you just don't do it.'

image from pixabay

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