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Are you Anti-Zionist? Or just Mel Gibson Anti-Semitic?

Updated: Jan 23

It can be confusing conflating the two. If you’re boycotting Eurovision or chasing Margaret Hodge for her tax returns – you are probably Anti-Zionist. But if you are still angry about the whole Jesus crucifixion thing, then you may be a rampant racist, but thanks to our handy guide, you can now sort out the good from the Corbyn.

According to MPs this week, you are anti-Semitic if you oppose capitalism or Woody Allen movies. In fact, Donald Trump’s environmental advisor, William Happer, said that criticism of CO2 emissions was, yes, you guessed it, equal to supporting the Holocaust. Does your cat look like Hitler? If you answered yes, then you are a ‘wrong un’.

Remarked one MP: ‘If you’re thinking of voting for a socialist – then you’re anti-Zionist.  In fact, if you’re thinking of voting at all, you’re probably a Nazi. Don’t think being Jewish exonerates you from being anti-Semitic – in fact they’re the worst.’

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Gena Methuen
Gena Methuen
20 janv.

Keep pretending there's an Israeli warrant out for Putin's arrest or you're an anti-Semite.

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