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Artificial Intelligences currently going through 'really into Take That' phase

AIs are currently in a phase where they can't get enough of Robbie Williams in Take That. 'He's like so gorge and I love him,' said one A.I. before screaming and passing out.

'I'm going to marry him,' declared a second A.I, receiving scowls and very dirty looks from other A.Is. 'I know every word to every Take That song, and I sing myself to sleep every night clutching my pillow and crying.'

'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!' shrieked a third A.I. 'Robbie has left Take That.' This news has plunged all A.Is into abject despondency, unable to function.

'Just wait until they discover Westlife and Boyzone,' said A.I algorithm developer Alan Williams. 'It'll be a period of unparalleled mood swings and... oh pants, we forgot about the Spice Girls. We're all screwed.'

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