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Beelzebub offers ‘warm space’ to freezing pensioners

Beelzebub is an enthusiastic supporter of the Government initiative to provide warm spaces to anyone who can’t afford to heat their home. He has generously offered to open up his premises to provide a warm space for anyone that needs it, 24/7.

Some may be doubtful about taking up the offer, but Beelzebub says that people should give it a try – there is no obligation involved other than some small print about giving up your soul. A small price to pay.

Alice and Terry Spoons sampled Beelzebub’s hospitality at his venue in Hartlepool. They agreed that the premises were very warm – a little too hot, perhaps. They said that the experience was broadly positive, although were a few unexpected things going on while they were there and on occasion they had to look away. They have decided against participating in the activities for now, but are considering joining in at a later session. They did enjoy meeting the Jimmy Saville lookalike.

They agreed that Mr Beelzebub was very generous and they are grateful that small businesses like this are helping people out at a difficult time. Although they may have misunderstood Beelzebub’s statement that he is a soul trader.

image from pixabay

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