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Better still if people could come and collect mail from the depot’ say Royal Mail

Royal Mail say plans to reduce mail deliveries to just three days a week do not go far enough and should be cut even further.

The company insists plans to streamline the service will not affect delivery times or performance ratings as most people do not expect their mail to arrive on time anyway.

‘Our main aim is to maintain quality and provide a first class service….and we think reducing the amount of days we deliver mail will be the best way to guarantee it continues to arrive on time.

 'But in the long term we feel not delivering mail to our customers is only part of the solution.

'It would be better still if people actually visited their local Royal Mail depot in person to collect their mail. This means the quality of our service and expected delivery times would be entirely in their hands.

'Complaints about delivery times would disappear overnight as the responsibility would pass to the customer. After all…..who doesn’t want to be in control of when they actually get their mail.

'It would mean our CEO would not have to spend so much time in front of select committees, business tribunals and union reps trying to explain why we made a £419m loss last year and would have more time to spend on his favourite ski slope or sailing his yacht around the Caribbean.

 'Royal Mail would be safeguarded and so would his bonus.

'Better still…simply stop sending mail altogether. That way we won’t miss any deadlines or be accused of breaking any promises.

' Be bin most of it without reading anyway.'

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