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Call centre "not experiencing unusually high call volumes"

A consumer has reacted with astonishment when he called a call centre, only to find it was not "experiencing unusually high call volumes" and they were able to help him straight away.

He was further astonished to find they didn't ask him for any information he'd already given them earlier in the process, and didn't tell him anything manifestly untrue just to get him off the phone. Moreover, the email he received following the call wasn't from a no-reply email address, so he actually had a way to follow up if necessary. The email even gave details of something called a "high street branch" he could visit.

"Weirdest of all, the call centre didn't seem to be located somewhere they don't speak English, like Newcastle or Scotland," said the bemused consumer.

On hearing the news, the call centre manager launched an immediate investigation which ended with him firing half his staff and putting the rest on zero hours contracts. He also gave the consumer a case reference number, though when he cited this later he was told their system didn't recognise it and he'd have to start the whole process again.

image from pixabay

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