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Charity shops reveal the extent their income was boosted by the pandemic

British charities have announced they are well prepared to cope with any number of Ukrainian refugees that Westminster allows into the UK, should any ever actually manage to complete the paperwork, thanks to politicians and managers from industry emptying their bookshelves of 10p books.

The situation was due to the pandemic and consequent Zoom meetings. Overnight, politicians and managers were put in the predicament of having to prove they knew stuff to anyone with access to their meetings by having a large array of books behind them. Our reporter who was fortunate to be allowed into the Transport Secretary's home office asked why he had so many Thomas the Tank Engine books on his bookshelf and whether he was a fan of Wilbert Awdry's writing. The Transport Secretary told her he might well be if and when he gets the time to get around to reading them, but proudly showed off his colouring, which is now almost entirely inside the lines.

Doris Clegg, a care home worker from Dewsbury, told NewsBiscuit how pleased she'd been since since charities stopped dumping so many their unsellable books on them. "it's a pain in the butt whenever the Oxfam truck turns up with a van full of books they imagine they'll be doing us a favour with and we have to sort through them. Thankfully the 1p stickers make it easier to toss the Jeffrey Archer and Nadine Dorris novels onto the pile destined for bonfire night. Ironically, the people the charity shops aim to serve - the poor, the old, the dispossessed - have started to request the very books the charities are glad have been appropriated by politicians to make it look like they can read.

'With fuel prices rising, any tat that burns is welcome,' admitted one charity shop worker.

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