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Chirping smoke alarm shortlisted for Brit Award

What began a series of barely audible warning noises, has quickly become a front runner for the prestigious music prize. As one critic explained: ‘To truly appreciate its oeuvre you need to be lying in a darkened room, suffering from insomnia, ideally with a lightly sleeping newborn. That’s when it will get you hoping out of bed’.

Despite being disconnected from the mains, Beeping Smoke Alarm (BSA) has maintained its intermittent chirp, seen as a homage to Coldplay. With its distinctive yellowing plastic shell, BSA plans a world tour of broken loft hatches, next year. The follow up album, will be 40 minutes of it being struck repeatedly by hammer, accompanied by the hysterical screams of a sleep deprived homeowner. So, yes, very like Coldplay.

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