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Church window was 'stained from the inside'

A unit of police forensic experts called in to examine a crime scene at a church in Stoke have confirmed that a 'colourful' window had been stained from the inside.

Forensics expert Jerry Wainright confirmed, 'Normally, you would expect staining to occur on the outside of glass fittings in public buildings. But suspcions were roused when residue samples clearly indicated that the staining had come from within the establishment.

'Our main focus of enquiry now is to establish how they got the stain so high. Rather impressive, when you consider the angle of trajectory, and indeed the widespread coverage.

'If I may be somewhat disinterested for a moment, when the morning sun catches the stained window just right, the pearlescent refraction inside the church is quite spectacular and, one might say, awe inspiring. You can imagine it all over the choirboys' faces, and for that matter, the congregation.'

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