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Conservatives 'totally forgot' they were Conservatives

80% of MPs serving the Conservative party (and, of course, themselves) have failed to mention in their online profiles and hand-delivered literature that they are members of the Conservative party. 

'Somehow while drafting the new blurb, showing what a good man with numbers I am,' said an MP who until recently was Chancellor of the Exchequer, amongst many others, pointing out he had distinguished his career by avoiding paying taxes at the same time as being responsible for collecting them, 'that I totally forgot to mention I work for the nasty party. 

'Somehow my background colour turned to green as well,' he added, 'oops'.

It's understood most of the MPs who have forgotten to mention their party allegiance will revert to mentioning it sometime after the next General Election, although most privately concede the phrase 'former MP' might well feature more prominently.


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