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Couple die of starvation while deciding what to have for dinner

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Two bodies have been discovered after a couple reportedly spent so long trying to decide what to have for dinner they died.

The pair were found slouched over their kitchen worktop with all the food cupboards lying open. They were found clutching a single carrot, three new potatoes, a tin of chickpeas and half a cabbage.

A neighbour confirmed hearing raised voices debating dinner options over and over.

It is believed that the couple meant to do a 'big food shop' earlier that week but, after becoming distracted by the pubs now being open, 'didn't get round to it'.

In an official police statement, DCI Watts said: 'It is a terrible, terrible tragedy - my officers found a jar of masala sauce at the back of the cupboard so they could have whipped up a vegetable curry easy as anything. What a waste - of life and ingredients.'

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