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Demand for cut in price of Daily Mail now it will be using less ink

Now that there will be no reason to bolster Boris Johnson's fortunes and the Durham police have announced they won't be prosecuting Kier Starmer or Angela Rayner, the Daily Mail looks likely to be little more an advertising medium for crooked companies hoping to fleece pensioners of any savings they may have accrued. Readers have been pointing out how much ink will now be saved in printing the rag and are demanding the price should reflect this.

Doris Clegg 89 of Wakefield said: 'I still buy it to line the bottom of the budgie cage, but only because it happens to be just the right size. They conned me into voting Tory in 2019, but as you can see, I won't be doing that twice, so I welcome the saving on ink, but think they're taking the piss by charging for a newspaper with no stories in it.'


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