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Engineers remove massive 'partyberg' from Downing Street sewer

Water company engineers have successfully unblocked the drains in Downing Street today. After reports of problems, the water company expected to find the sewer blocked with a fatberg but Instead, they found that the blockage was caused by what they have described as the biggest ‘partyberg’ they have ever come across.

A spokesman said that a large blockage had been removed from the sewers near Downing Street. The blockage consisted of a large quantity of used paper plates, cake wrappers, streamers, bunting, crisp packets, discarded underwear, dog hair, maltesers (probably), shepherds pie, plastic novelty policemen’s helmets, House of Commons order papers and direct debit forms for Tory party donations. The toxic mix caused sewers to back up in Downing Street, where the stink appears to have gone unnoticed.

Residents and businesses in the area have received leaflets about what can and cannot be disposed of safely by flushing it away. A spokesman for Number 10 refused to comment on the reports and said that the water company was speaking out of its bottom.

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