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Escape Room Experience enters its 5th day

Five members of an Edinburgh Stag Do are spending their 5th day in an Escape Room after failing to “clue” their way out. Gary Rogers of Dunstable, his best man, Gary Richards, and three of their friends, ironically thought a lads’ weekend in Edinburgh would be the ideal place to spend Gary’s final weekend of freedom.

They’d done the bottomless breakfast, ogled the girls at the Peppermint Pangolin, abused passers-by and pub crawled up the Royal Mile, stopping to pee in shop doorways in Niddry Street and behind the City Cafe, when they came across an Escape Room Experience. They decided that would be a great way to kill an hour before drinking their way to Leith and back in the evening.

Family and friends started to raise concerns when they didn’t get off the train on Sunday evening and were unable to contact them by phone.

A spokesperson for Damp Condemned Cellar Fun plc told us they weren’t “too bothered about the lads getting out as they are being charged by the hour. Although we do have a student theatre group booked into this location for the Fringe in August, so they really need to be out by then.”

Photo by Kdwk Leung on Unsplash

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