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‘Full investigation would only prove if accused was guilty or not’ say MET

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The Metropolitan Police say they will not be investigating an alleged sexual assault on a teenager because all it would do is prove whether the accused was guilty or not.

Sifting through photographic evidence and witness statements provided by the accuser would no doubt determine whether the accused was guilty of the alleged crime but it would take time and effort and would not necessarily be in the accused party’s interest said the Met

We take all sex trafficking seriously, especially when it involves under-age teenagers forced into sexual acts by powerful, well connected adults….but is it really in anybody’s interest to establish whether someone is guilty every time it happens?

We have reviewed this case and concluded that despite mounting evidence that the accused is almost certainly guilty there is no need to take any further action.

Now if you will excuse me we have to go and investigate reports of a lunatic in a Range Rover ploughing into the gates at Windsor Park and driving off without stopping.


Oh …OK….forget about that one.

How about the guy spotted dropping a Snickers wrapper in Hyde Park….that wasn’t him as well was it.

image pixabay/mohamed_hasan

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