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Grand Jury report suggests Trump may have said something truthful

The long awaited Grand Jury investigation into former president Donald Trump's meddling into the result of the Georgia election has revealed a sensational report that Mr Trump may have, inadvertently, said some honest.

The key extract comes just before Trump's infamous telephone call to the Georgia governor, "We believe that Mr Trump turned to one of his aides and said, 'Nice day for me to organise some electoral fraud'. Careful examination of the weather reports for Washington show that it was actually quite a nice day."

One commentator explained the significance; "In these days of uncertainty, it's good to have something to rely on and Donald Trump lying has been one of those things. To have him say something that actually turned out to be true is a game changer."

In breaking news, the weather report turned out to be for Washington State, not for Washington DC where it was lashing down all day.

"Thank god for that. We're back to normal.", said the spokesman.

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