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Hancock given 'Super Special important job' of announcing who can get jab next

Matt Hancock has been left 'super-duper excited' after being given the very important job of saying who can get jabbed next.

A source has said: 'Matty is certainly a happy chappy - he's been so out of his depth up until now, but remembering a two-digit number and saying it out loud is just about at his ability level. He loves making the 'big announcement'. He was jumping up and down on Boris and Carrie's bed yesterday morning, asking, 'can I say the next age group today, pwease, pwease, pwease?'

It is rumoured that Hancock is in the line up for lots of other "very important jobs" including checking the stationery cupboard is fully stocked, polishing the gold walls of Number Ten using nothing but a cotton bud and listing out the next health and social care policies in bubble writing.

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