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Hilary still to endorse Hilary

Democrats have been left guessing which way Hilary Rodham Clinton will cast her vote, given the unpredictable nature of a two-horse-race; where one of the two horses has already been turned into glue. Mrs Clinton herself is wary of throwing her support behind anyone who could damage her chances of the Presidency – which includes herself. By contrast Donald Trump prefers to throw political grenades at his opponents while dancing the Macarena with the pin in his teeth.

The suspense is unbearable and easily on par with - will Tottenham choke at the end of the season, will Taylor Swift get dumped and will Jeremy Corbyn's back be wearing a set of steak knives. The air of suspense has been heightened by Bill Clinton declaring his support for his 'one true love', which rules out various Senators but rules in various interns.

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