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Hitler testicle sells for £1.7m

A testicle that once belonged to former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler has set a new world record for a male productive sex gland at an auction in Paris.

Gonad enthusiasts from around the world crammed into the tiny auction house to catch a glimpse of the egg-shaped knacker before it disappeared into a private collection. The testis - known to be the only one in existence - was expected to make between £50-60k but the reserve price was soon passed as bidding hotted up for the Hitler family jewel.

Claims that the gonad is one of a matching pair have been dismissed by academics and historians who are adamant the one sold at auction in Paris is the only one. Rumours that the other is in the Albert Hall have been discredited.

‘Claims that Hitler’s mother cut off a second gonad when he was small have been circulating in the gossip columns for years but as yet the alleged monorchism remains unproven,’ said V&A curator Jason Beesley. ‘Hitler only ever had one ball…the other is most definitely NOT in the Albert Hall...and while we know nothing about the virtue or morality of his mother…we do not think she cut it off and threw it in a tree’.

Auctioneers Onesnat said the testi came with impeccable provenance and had been in the same hands for many years.

Other items sold in the auction included a small black toothbrush and a field grey uniform that was so stiff in the arm that Hitler was unable to bend it at the elbow when he was waving to the troops.

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