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Kane's missed penalty not all bad news

Millions of England fans looked on in dismay as a dejected Harry Kane left the pitch at the Al Byat Stadium on Saturday, after missing what many say was a crucial penalty in England's quarter final world cup tie with France.

But as is often the case when one door closes another opens, and it was clearly a much more cock-a-hoop England skipper who got off the plane after arriving at Birmingham this evening.

Speaking to the reporters Kane explained the dramatic change in his demeanour. 'Basically, I was gutted last night, and you know, I was thinking of hanging up my boots and going to hide in a cave. But basically then I got a call from my agent with some great news.

’Turns out I'm going to be heading up a massive advertising campaign for one of the high street pizza chains.

‘So, basically, you know, it's not all bad news. In fact it's all good really. Basically, it's turned out sweet for me. My agent says I'll not have to pay for a pizza ever again. And let's face it, even if we had gotten through, then Morocco would have done us on penalties in the semis, err... basically.’

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