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Kate Bush invests in a Fitbit to track runs up roads, hills

Kate Bush has bought an activity tracker to monitor all the running she is doing, it has emerged.

The news comes after the singer admitted she was finding it increasingly hard to keep on top of the miles she was accumulating running up that road and running up that hill.

Exact figures are unknown, but estimates suggest that the 70s songstress may have racked up over a million miles since 1985, including some tough vertical running up that building.

‘Do you want to know how it feels? Know that it doesn’t hurt me, ye-yeah, yeh ho’, said Bush in a rare comment today.

Bush is thought to have secured a good deal on the Fitbit at her local Argos ‘by making a deal with God’, thought to mean that she has taken out the extended warranty on the product for an extra three years.

Asked whether she would be continuing her running, Bush said ‘why not? Stranger Things have happened’.

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