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Keir Starmer attempts Brescuing a Brawful Brituation

With the choice of disappointing millions of people or disappointing millions of other people, the Labour leader has a vague hint of a plan. By using the first few letters of the country He Really Loves, he aims to get the public behind him and to work with the EU, but not, but sort of, but better. Bretter? Focus group that.

With the choice of a hard British-Exit that will never meet impossible expectations or a soft sidle back in that will belittle the UK for years to come, Keir has picked a Bro-One-Will-Be Happy route.

Advisors with years of experience, so called 'Brexperts' if you will, have said that you can’t expect the backing of half a county just because you add BR to the start of an awful idea.

With sunken shoulders, Keir sighed and quietly said, 'Yes. Yes I unfortunately do.'

Image: Newsbiscuit

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