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Last puppy from Wolverhampton rescue charity signs Netflix contract

The runt of a litter of puppies that a Wolverhampton rescue charity has been desperate to find a home for is optimistic of a film career that will rival Lassie’s after the BBC put an appeal on its website. Calls to the charity were said to be coming in faster than any Glastonbury ticket tout has ever had, but bidding ended after Netflix put in an unmatchable bid for the puppy.

It isn’t known at this stage why Netflix have an interest in the puppy, but a bloke we met in the pub who once worked in the entertainment industry told Newsbiscuit he wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the puppy has already been served in a Korean restaurant by now.

“It’s the story Netflix will have wanted rather than the dog” He said. “The BBC story plucks at the emotions, because everyone in Britain roots for the underdog. I expect they thought they could could do a film about the backstory of the Dambusters dog, whose name escapes me these days; to have it ready in time for Christmas.”

He went on to tell Newsbiscuit “It’s a little-known fact and will remain so until the film comes out and we find out that every celebrity around at the time they made the Dambusters film, used to take xxxx for walks, and that Guy Gibson’s dog was also the runt of a litter, but came good after the producer distracted the dog by offering him a biscuit and went on to test the dog licking his balls joke and chose a labrador over a terrier for the dog part.

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