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Luke Littler reveals secret to his darts success

Sixteen-year-old darts sensation Luke Littler has revealed the secret behind his sensational series of victories in the international darts championships.

"I knew I was in with a chance when I saw they were doing two-for-one deals on Jagerbombs at the bar in Alexandra Palace," he told reporters.

"Being 16, I've never drunk anything stronger than Vimto in my life and consequently I'm able to focus on the board when I throw.

"My opponents, on the other hand, have spent half their lives in pubs and blearily chuck their darts in the general direction of the target simply to while away the time between necking pints and downing doubles. They went for the bargain Jagerbombs like bears to honey.

"So at the Delirium Tremens Championships, I found myself winning Leg One, then Leg Two, and then Legs Three, Four, Five and Six... mainly because my opponents were all completely legless."

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