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Man has referendum on whether to pay his bills this month

Speaking to the press, he explained: ‘I have taken a democratic decision to ignore my existing debts and I would ask my creditors to respect that. Myself and my wife took a vote, and it was a 52/48 split in favour of welching on our commitments and to embrace a lifestyle of shoplifting and piggybacking everyone’s Wi-Fi’.

Neighbours have tried to be understanding but have grown frustrated by him running a hose from their garden tap. He commented: ‘If they didn’t want me syphoning off water, they shouldn’t have loaned me the sprinkler in the first place.

‘To begin with, I was a little unsure. But choosing not to pay has been a great weight off my shoulders. And to those I owe money to I would say, please keep putting things on my tab, I’ll settle up eventually – honest’.

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