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Man in epic party 'believed he was prime minister'

A man who has been partying for a record-breaking span of over 2 years has finally been persuaded to stop after becoming 'completely delusional', according to a source close to the unnamable man. One attendee told us, 'It was a completely debauched scene. I mean, I've caned it a bit in my time, but even I wouldn't have gone on for that long. I mean he actually thought he was Prime Minister at the end, and - get this - a Conservative one! Can you believe that?"

Another said: 'It wasn't even a realistic Conservative PM, I mean he was even ranting about deporting immigrants by the end! Once, he stood up and said, ominously, "someone's a paedophile" and sat down again. I expect he'll laugh about it all when he comes down.'

Others remember more disturbing behaviour, including "challenging Covid to a due"'. One guest described a "nightmarish scene, saying: 'I finally had to leave a few months ago when I swear I saw Slender Man. He was chanting 'Alleluia'. That was too much for me. I shudder to think what went on there after that.'

Story by: medusatouch


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