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Man told to return to work despite losing ability to iron his own shirt

An angry office worker has been left speechless after his manager told him to return to work despite not being able to iron a shirt.

“They told me to go back in this morning after only giving me a weeks notice. I haven’t ironed a shirt, knotted a company tie or had a shave for that matter in ten weeks and they’re not providing any training or support. It’s appalling," fumed Ian Duncan, 35.

"I picked up the iron last night. It’s one of those fancy-dan anti-scale, anti-drip, multi-function jobs, but I couldn’t find the stubborn creases setting on the dial. Then I completely forgot how to iron. It’s a highly stressful situation. I mean, where do you start? Sleeves? Collar? Front or back?

I completely lost it to be honest. I’m going to put the iron on its 'temperature of molten lava' setting, burn an iron shaped hole in the company shirt and send it to Malcolm. After that me and Sandra will take off for sunny Frinton.”

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