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MP vows to scrap remaining EU laws

Among the less than bright MPs contending for the post of Prime Minister is one who imagines that after leaving the EU and taking back control, there remain EU laws that British people are being subjected to. Commentators who witnessed the applause the MP gave on every occasion Boris Johnson said he got Brexit done are asking if she's quite the full shilling.

We asked a government lawyer what these outstanding EU laws might possibly be and were told by the lawyer that having looked up how many EU laws apply to the UK now, the list was blanker than a bagful of blank things.

However there may be something the contender for the PM post noticed, but the lawyers missed, so we've invited the MP to explain what these mysterious laws might be; and why we should fear them. We promise to post the MP's reply as soon as it's received and have stationed staff 24/7 On communications duty, in anticipation of hearing the reply.

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