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Murdoch the Musical goes into rehearsal

The antipodean epic starts in small-town Melbourne but soon moves to the cosmopolitan, bi-curious disco club-scene of 80′s New York. Murdoch (to be played by the dashing Hugh Grant) controls a series of Avenue Q inspired puppets, each in the likeness of British PMs from the last thirty years. Through a myriad of sequins and leather, the billionaire narrates how he wants to ‘save us from socialism’, inconvenient truths and responsible journalism.

Show-stopping moments include a frenzied chorus number with the merry Wapping Unionists, hooting and hollering with delight as they set upon by the police. Sienna Miller as Rebekhah Brooks (-’the Brassy Girl with a Heart of Gold’) belts out a counterpoint three-way with two mysterious men. Later billowing fog and scrims shroud the stage, as the characters of Patricia Booker and Wendi Deng form part of dream ballet spinning with dollar bills. Finally, Murdoch himself completes a Fred Astaire dance homage called the ‘Illegal phone Tap’.


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