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Nov 11th – A nation remembers where it left last year’s poppy

If you are not lucky enough to work in the media industry, where an intern will source you one, most poppies are purchased through a combination of guilt and the need to get change for a stamp. Not only does the small artificial poppy mark the end of hostilities of WW1 but it will effectively cover that soup stain of yours, that no amount of dry cleaning will shift.

Said one irate shopper: ‘This is a symbol of their sacrifice. It’s also a symbol of my sacrifice. Fifty pence…jeeez! I was saving that for some sweets. Unfortunately, I got cornered by a poppy seller on the high street. Remembrance? I’ll remember not to go down that road at the start of November. 50p? Seriously. I had a perfectly serviceable poppy from the 1990s I was hoping to dust off.’

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