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Ofcom has launched an investigation into Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg's breeches

Media watchdog Ofcom has launched an investigation into breeches seen on Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg's GB News show.

Sir Jacob, a former cabinet minister, is known for his choice of more traditional attire.

The 9 May episode of State of the Nation featured the MP's coverage (or lack of) during a breaking news story about a civil trial verdict involving Donald Trump. The regulator received 40 complaints.

Ofcom said: "We are investigating whether this programme broke our rules, which prevent politicians from wearing inappropriate hats during their exposure, unless exceptionally, it is editorially justified."

Serving politicians are, however, allowed to have current affairs [shows], as long as a range of long range views are modestly reflected.

Sir Jacob hosts the hour-long evening show from Mondays to Thursdays, and it was during this show that his breeches became an obvious issue.

Sir Jacob's breeches are being looked into by the Ofcom trouser department. 'One of the things we need to establish is whether Sir Jacob is getting too big for his,' a spokesman said.

A GB News source commented: 'We object to the Ofcom decision on the basis that there's no way that many discerning people watch our channel.'

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